Pallazo pants

What is it with Nigerians and generalization? Every noodle to the average Nigerian is Indomie, every insecticide is ‘Sher-toss’ and now my friend wants to bring it to fashion. She calls Palazzo pants “baggy trouser’’ just because they are wide and loose fitting. Calling it baggy trouser takes away the sophistication from it and reminds me of this

Get your terms right people so you don’t embarrass yourself in public.

Palazzo pants pronounced /pə-ˈlät-(ˌ)sō\(also referred to as wide leg pants) are long women’s trousers cut with a loose, extremely wide leg that flares out from the waist (

photocredit: Instagram@therealronkefella

Palazzo pants are perfect for days when you are tired of wearing regular skinny jean or days when you are trying to hide scars/injuries on your legs without going for long skirts or gowns.

If you are top heavy with a small butt, this is a fashion trend you can adopt once in a while. It could also be incorporated into your office wardrobe if paired with an appropriate blouse or shirt.There are so many different styles and colours of these pants therefore ensure to get the ones best suited for your body shape. It has been making rounds in the fashion scene since late last year and it is definitely here to stay. Here are some style inspiration on how to rock your palazzo pants for any occasion.


The key to styling palazzo pants is balance. They should be styled with well fitted tops or blouses since they are already wide and loose.

Photo credit: Instagram @poshesteb .

Photo credit @genevievefadeh Instagram



I created this look with my polyvore app. Pair a colorful print palazzo pant with a brallete crop top, strip sandals and a raffia sunhat to shade your face from the sun and people you owe money.



Photocredit: Instagram @folakehuntoon . Folake styles her colourful print palazzo pant with a partially tucked in simple one shoulder top.


Pair your favourite pair of palazzo pants with a tucked in button-down shirt and a belt for a professional look.


Photo credit: Instagram @geriee_berry


Photo credit: Instagram @mizzkandy


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