Trend alert : Mules

Pave the way, Mules A.K.A”Grandma shoes” are back.

You know how the sudden hate for a particular thing changes when everyone else seems to appreciate it. That’s my current feeling with mules. I find it really funny though because it was once the shoe I used in knowing if we had elderly female visitors at home.

I guess with fashion, you may never appreciate certain things until you see people wear them in better ways. Mules come in various shapes, colours, heels and modern shoe designers have given it a youthful makeover therefore, making it look a lot better as opposed to how it was years back.

Image via: Instagram/@aimee_graceparis

Take a look at how you can style mules with various outfit ideas from fashionistas below.

Image via: Instagram/doctoridia

Image via: Instagram/iamdodos_style

Image via: Instagram/@ozinna

Image via: Instagram/@chiefadaezeyobo

Image via: Instagram/@t2pitchy

Image via: Instagram/mocheddah

Image via: Instagram/@tokemakinwa

Image via: Instagram/@gbemioo


Would you consider rocking mules? Let me know in the comment section.x


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