What to wear on a first date

Deciding what to wear on a first date could be a bit sketchy. In my opinion, if you really like a guy, the most appropriate outfit for a first date is a dress.



KEYWORDS (if you really like a guy). Apart from that, the only exception would be

Attitude is not the first thing your date sees when he looks at you. The first thing is how you are dressed. You have to take control over what he sees. What you wear and how you wear it matters.

As initially mentioned, the most appropriate thing to wear on a first date is a DRESS because it gives off a feminine vibe. But, if you are a bit of a tomboy and you choose to wear trousers, please pair it with a feminine blouse and NOT a shirt.


Photo via: Instagram/tounaj


The key is to look feminine. Also, being the first date, your partner must have informed you before hand on the location. The location helps in choosing the right kind of shoes to wear.

You shouldn’t show up on a date at the cinema in 6 inch heels Lol. Your choice of shoes should go with the location. What you wear to the cinema or beach and what you wear for a dinner date should not be the same. For dates at the cinema or beach you should opt for low heeled shoes/flats while for dinner or more formal dates, heels are more appropriate if you find them comfortable.

Furthermore, keep your jewellery and makeup light and simple. Do not go over the top. Here are some chic yet simple outfit ideas on what to wear on a first date.


Photo via: Instagram/miaventuraconlamoda

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With these fashion tips and enough “vex” money, you would definitely make a good impression on a date.xx


5 thoughts on “What to wear on a first date

  1. Kimberly Sawyer says:

    Hi, I’m kimberly a new reader of this blog from Australia. Wow, this post came in right in time. I’ve been worried on what to wear on a date this weekend. I am finally going to settle for a red dress. lol. Read this post with my teenage male cousin and he suggested I go for a red dress . No more lazy trouser looks for me lol.

    Liked by 1 person

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