The right pronunciation of fashion brand names.

Most designers behind high-end fashion brands are mainly from non-English speaking countries. These designers usually tend to use their actual birth name for their fashion brands. When it comes to the pronunciation of these brand names, a  lot of people (myself inclusive) barely get it right.

From Dolce and Gabbana (D&G) to Louis Vuitton, fashion brand names get mispronounced everyday majorly as a result of ignorance. You do not have to wait until you are able to afford a particular brand before knowing how it should be correctly pronounced. Remember the old saying “No knowledge is a waste“.

Hence, in order to avoid public embarrasment, I have researched and put together the proper pronounciation of common fashion brand names from around the world for my lovely readers.


1. Brand name: NIKE

                                     Photo via: google 

Wrong pronunciation: nee-keh (As though it is the second part of the yoruba name from south-Western Nigeria “Adenike” lol).

Proper pronunciation : Nai-kee


2. Brand name: MOSCHINO

Photo via:

Wrong pronunciation: must-chi-nose ( Aba boys, how market? Lol)
Right pronunciation: Mos-key-no


3. Brand name: CHANEL

Wrong pronunciation: channel
Right pronunciation: sha’nel



Photo via: goggle

Wrong pronounciation: jew-sep-say  zah-note-tee
Right pronunciation: joo-ZEPP-ee  zan-OTT-ee


5. Brand name: HERMES

Photo via:

Wrong pronunciation: hair-miss
Right pronunciation: AIR-mez


6. Brand name: CALVIN KLEIN

Photo via: pinterest

Wrong pronunciation: car-vin  klin kelvin- klin

Right pronunciation:  Cael-Win  Kla-In

7. Brand name: GIVENCHY

Wrong pronunciation: Ji-ven-chi / giving-chi

Right pronunciation: jhee-VON-shee

8. Brand name: “DEOLA” by Nigerian fashion designer Deola Sagoe.

Photo via:

Wrong pronunciation: Dee-or-lah  Sir-go / Dee-lah   sir-go

Right pronunciation: DAY-or-la  Say-go


Photo via:

Wrong pronunciation: Yes-saint-law-rent / why-Vis-sent-law-rent

Right pronunciation: eve  san  lore-ONN


        Photo via: google

Wrong pronunciation: kris-tian  loo-boo-tin

Right pronunciation: Chris-tee-AHHn  loo-boo-TAAan

11. Brand name: MANOLO BLAHNIK

Photo via: pinterest

Wrong pronunciation: Mar-no-lo  bla-nick

Right pronunciation: mahn-OLL-oh  BLAAHH-nick

12. Brand name: DOLCE AND GABBANA

Photo via: google

Wrong pronunciation: doll-chi and gah-banner / doll-see and gah-banner

Right pronunciation: dol-chey and gab-ana


13. Brand name: LOUIS VUITTON

Photo via:

Wrong pronunciation: loo-wis  voo-ton

Right pronunciation: Loo-ee  vee-tonn


14. Brand name: BVLGARI

Wrong pronunciation: B-vee-L- garri / ball-gay-ree

Right pronunciation: Bull-gari

15. Brand name: BALMAIN

Photo via:

Wrong pronunciation: ball-main

Right pronunciation: bahl-mahhhhn

Prior to this post, what fashion brand names were you guilty of not getting right. Please share, let us laugh over it in the comment section below.xx


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19 thoughts on “The right pronunciation of fashion brand names.

  1. adenike Thompson says:

    lmao @adenike the wrong pronunciation for NIKE label. i find it really funny because thats what my mom calls it because of my name is adenike I have been following up your fashion posts and I must say, I love the humour undertone to each article. great job!

    Liked by 1 person

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