Sunday Style: English or Native?

Happy Sunday! I hope your weekend has been great so far. It is another day for Christians to gather in the presence of the Lord. Choosing what to wear on a Sunday could be a bit of a chore except you are serving in a unit with strict dress codes/uniform e.g The Choir.

Apart from that, I am sure a lot of us can relate to the constant battle of having to choose between English or Native wears.

ENGLISH on the left & NATIVE on the right

It gets worse if you did not plan ahead of Sunday probably due to unforseen circumstances or sheer laziness *TongueOut*. If you are still stuck on not knowing what to wear, here are some style inspiration to make your decision making faster so you do not end up arriving at the close of service LOL.

Photo via: Instagram/ankaracatalogue

Photo via: Instagram/olar_slim

Photo via: Instagram/angelnikky

Photo via: Instagram/curvesonabudget13

Photo via: Instagram/mimionalaja

Joke Sylvia, Photo via: Instagram/kamdora

Photo via: Instagram/realangelaokorie

Photo via: Instagram/oge_agu

Photo via: Instagram/mercyaigbegentry

Photo via: Instagram/mskristine



I hope this helped in your decision making.  So, what path did you eventually take? ENGLISH or NATIVE? Let me know your thoughts. Leave a comment below.x


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