NEW YORK FASHION WEEK 2016: Street Style

New York, U.S.A is one of the Fashion capital of the World. A lot of fashion designers and fashion lovers around the world are currently in New York to witness one of the most anticipated Fashion event ” New York Fashion Week”. Social media has been agog since it started with the hashtag #NYFW.

New York Fashion Week since its inception in 1943 by Eleanor Lambert has been one of the most highly rated shows for International Designers to showcase their collections to buyers, the press and the general public. N.Y.F.W 2016 Spring/ Summer Collection which started on the 8th of September would be concluded today, September 15th.

One of the most fun part of the show is having to see what the attendees wear which is where “Street Style” comes into place. The individual creativity in what attendees wear is always a must see. Here are some of the fun looks on attendees from New York Fashion Week 2016.


Source: Instagram/roamingwithrach

Source: Instagram/yomi__o

Source: Instagram/_maisestilo

Source: Instagram/bonang_m

Source: Instagram/hadiaghaleb

Source: Instagram/martinaritter

Source: Instagram/randomandchic

Source: Instagram/ missclassno.1

Source: Instagram/elshanesworld

Source: Instagram/eml_nederland

Source: instagram/buro247kz



What are your thoughts on this year’s street style from New York fashion week?


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