How to choose the right swimwear for your body.

When going swimwear shopping, it is important to understand the type of body shape you have in order pick the right swim wear. The one chance you get to be half naked has to be done tastefully, RIGHT? The swimwear for a full hourglass Kim Kardashian type of body cannot be ideal for a rectangular Taylor Swift body type.

For this article, in order not to leave you confused, I am not going to be using the different body shapes as a guide to getting the right swimwear. Instead, I would be using normal body features used every day like small/full bust and broad shoulders. The actual body shapes for every woman would be discussed in a different article.

Wether, you are fat or skinny, trying to conceal a fuller bust or create illusion of curves to a smaller body, with this article, you are going to learn what works best for you.

1. Small butt:

Never opt for plain black bottoms because black naturally gives a slimming effect which would make your butt look smaller. Instead, opt for bottoms with bright colours and loud prints.

How to choose right swim wear picture

Source: Instagram/nyos_swimwear

2. Flat chest lol Small bust:

Obviously, the goal here is to create the illusion of a fuller bust. If you have to wear a bikini, make sure you purchase one with extra padding (plenty foam, LOL). Also, go for tops with plenty ruffles, fringe detail or embellishments.

How to choose the right bikini pictures

Source: Instagram @znu_official/badgirlriri

3. Belly fat:

If you are trying to conceal belly fat, opt for a one piece swimsuit or a bikini with high waisted bottoms in black.

Fat women pictures

Source: Instagram/glitterandlazers

Source: Instagram/curvesonabudget13

4. Huge bust:

If you are extremely top heavy, avoid bikinis smaller than your cup size and bikinis without under wire which would not give the right support you need. Instead, purchase swimwears with thick straps.

Source: google images

5. Straight or rectangular body:

Opt for swimwears which create an illusion of curves. Choose loud prints/ bright colours over plain ones and high waisted pants and tops with extra padding in different colours.

Girls in bikini pictures

Source: Instagram/znu_official

Source: Instagram/dpipertwins

6. Large Butt:
Depending on the fullness of your behind, string bikinis may not always be your best friend. They may be too revealing. You need bikinis with enough fabric so you are not constantly tugging for more coverage.

7. Broad shoulders:

Opt for swim wears that pull the eyes away from your shoulders. A solid coloured suit with printed panels along the side would create the impression of an hour glass figure thus evening out a boxy upper body. 


Source: google images

8. Medium hourglass shape:

If you have a medium hourglass figure i.e moderate boobs and butt with hourglass shape. You should consider yourself lucky because you really have nothing to bothered about. Almost every swim wear type works in your favour.

Source: Instagram/kyliejenner

Idia aisien bikini pictures

Source: instagram/doctoridia



With the right swim wear, you can conceal or create illusions on your body. Did you find this helpful? Are there any body features I left out which you may want to know about? Let me know in the comment section below.x


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