Multi-way convertible dresses.

Ever heard of convertible dresses? If you haven’t, you must be wondering what they are. Well, a convertible dress is a dress that can be reformed into at a multitude of styles simply by changing the straps or neckline.


Photo via: Instagram/iamdodos_style


Depending on the individual versatility of the dress, you could transform the look of your neck, chest, back or waistline.

Imagine having a dress you could style in multiple ways without anyone knowing. How cool is that? hehe. With Buharian times the current economic recession where a lot people do not have money to splurge on fashion, convertible dresses are always a good option. Take a look below and let me know your thoughts on convertible dresses.


Photo via: instagram/officialellamo

Photo via: pinterest

Photo via: Instagram/haryourmiideb


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