Five footwear every man should own.

I am glad to announce the expansion of Humourandstyle blog to suit men fashion needs. Yaaay!! Henceforth, you would be seeing daily fashion tips and style guides for both men and women. Due to popular demand, there is no other way to start out the men column than to give the sequel to a previous article for women SEVEN FOOTWEAR EVERY LADY SHOULD OWN .

We all know how pricey men stuff are that is why I am writing on five footwear every man should own as opposed to seven previously stated for women. Moreover, men naturally do not need more shoes than women. Now, let’s see how each of these five shoes fit into every event in a man’s life.


1Black lace-up oxfords 

When dressing to impress for formal events such as weddings, business meetings or work interviews, a clean classic lace-up oxford is your best bet.

Photo via:


2. Brown leather loafers

Photo via: goggle images

This can go for casual office shoes or semi formal events like casual dates when you need to make a good first impression. 

Picture style guide on how to wear loafers. Photo via:


3. Cool sneakers

Sneakers are causal and comfty. A great way to bring out the cool kid in you is by pairing a cool sneakers in any colour of your choice with your favourite pair of denim trousers. 

Photos via: Instagram@kevinhart4real/@timayatimaya


4. Sandals

Photo via: noble_igwe

The need to let your feet breathe whilst staying stylish is the reason you need a sandal. Sandals are for casual and semi casual events. They can be worn with almost anything except suits.

Photo via: Instagram/noble_igwe


5. Slippers

The most casual and laid back footwear of them all. Every man definitely needs a pair of slippers in his life for taking a walk, running errands or even lazying about lol. 


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