Love or Loathe: NAKED SHOES!

The clear perspex ankle boots, naked shoes, transparent boots or see-through boots as commonly called are obviously a huge trend right now as they have been seen on a lot of fashion forward celebrities and fashion influencers lately. These shoes are way too cool and are turning up all over the place. For 40 pounds, you could get them from .


Photo via: Instagram/styleinlagos


The naked feeling it gives to the wearer’s feet is what makes this shoe cool. It can be styled with denim trousers, dresses and skirts. I really love the instant cool vibe this shoe gives but personally, I think its one of those shoes I could buy but won’t wear. More like, I would just buy it and keep in my shoe rack for admiration lol.
Anways, I want to know what your thoughts are on these naked bad boys. LOVE or LOATHE? Leave a comment below.x


Photo via:

Photo via: Instagram/nyanelebajoa


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