Travelling in style..

There are two types of people when it comes to travelling.


Photo via: Instagram@sylvianduka


The “overly conscious fashionistas” and the “I could care less people”.  The overly conscious fashionistas are those who ensure their fashion game down to their suitcases are lit while the “I could care less people” (like me LOL) are those who do not bother about their fashion game at all. For this type of people, It’s more of “whatever goes”. 

Well, this article is for the overly conscious fashionistas who love to travel in style. Here are a few outfit ideas.


Photo via: Instagram @jim.iyke. Nollywood actor, James Ikechukwu looks casual but stylish in turn-up denim shorts, yeezy boots and a round neck T-shirt.


Photo via: Instagram @genevievennaji. Nollywood sweetheart, Genevieve Nnaji’s airport style is chic!


Photo via:  Simple yet stylish in ripped black trousers, grey yeezy boots and black T-shirt.


Photo via: pinterest. Rapper and musician Kanye West looks great in an all black ensemble.


Photo via: pinterest. Rihanna’s airport style is cozy yet stylish.



What is your normal travel fashion like? Do you love to travel in style?


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