Love or Loathe: The slip dress trend

A slip dress is a dress with sphagetti straps bearing the resemblance of an undergarment but worn as an outwear. It became popular in the 20th century as part of the underwear-as-outwear trend.


As with other fashion trends, once someone in the limelight wears a certain thing, every other person tends to follow.

While it may seem cool and really sexy especially with people with a lot of meat on their skin (hehe), I don’t see myself jumping on the slip dress train except I am wearing it to bed as a night gown lol. However, I especially love how it’s been styled by the people below. Take a look and while at it, do not forget to let me know your thoughts on this trend. 



Photo via: Instagram @thesvnflwr. I love how Fashion blogger, Ifeoma Amadi of took away the subtle sex appeal normally associated with slip dresses by pairing hers with a co-operate shirt underneath for a more formal look.

Photo via: A white coloured slip dress paired with black lace-up heels for a sexy night time look.

Photo via: Instagram @t2pitchy. Grace Alex leaves us green with envy by pairing a green slip dress with same coloured T-shirt and improvised socks+shoe knee-length boots.

Photo via:



With these styling options, would you rock a slip dress?


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