Love or Loathe: Corset as outwear trend

Please where on earth did the whole “Corset as outwear trend” come from because I am not liking it at all. Urgh! I understand the idea of risk taking in fashion but this corset thing is a no-no for me.I know corsets as undergarments which support the bust and define the waist. So, why has the world decided to add corsets to the list of underwear as outwear trend? 

To be honest, I am on the “Loathe team” for this particular trend. The good side though is that it helps if you are trying to hide a tummy bulge. Apart from that, I do not find it stylish. I want to know what you guys think of this trend. Would you totally adopt this trend if given the opportunity ? OR would you gladly join me on the Loathe team (I have like 1000 empty well cushioned, diamond encrusted seats on the loathe team lol) Are you really gonna say no to all that luxury? Lool. Anyway, take a look below and let me know your thoughts in the comment section.


Photo via: Instagram @kyliejenner. Kylie paired a green corset with an oversized white tee shirt and green knee high boots.

Photo via: Instagram @ julialang. Julia paired a red corset with an oversized shirt and sneakers.

Photo via: Instagram @zacharythelabel. A black corset on a body con dress.

Photo via: Google. Kim kardashian in a corset vest styled with oversized dress and denim jacket.

Photo via: Instagram @sydneyfashionblogger.

Photo via: instagram @kathlèen_oneill



                     LOVE or LOATHE?



7 thoughts on “Love or Loathe: Corset as outwear trend

  1. meinheels says:

    I’m totally with you in this one, are they going for the whole mediaeval serving wench look or something. On the other hand a well fitted busk closing corset can under certain circumstances look quite good.

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  2. ashee says:

    To me it’s like 50-50 or maybe 70-30…on some people it looks good and others it doesn’t, but if someones gives me a chance to wear it like that, I wouldn’t, no way.

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