What’s that bag called? 

This may not seem debateable until you come across someone call a mini cross-body bag a “wallet with chain” lol. Yes, WALLET, you heard that right. Being familiar with the right names of bags can help when trying to purchase one in the midst of plenty or when trying to make a description to a friend.

From tote bags to clutches, backpacks and satchel bags, here is the ultimate guide to get you acquainted with the appropriate names for different bag shapes. Now, there are over 15 bag names according to individual shapes but I would break it down to what’s easily obtainable and seen everyday.


1. Tote

Photo source: pinterest

A generally large bag with double handle and an open top. It is usually rectangular or square in shape and worn on the shoulder.

2. Clutch

A slim, flat handbag without handles or straps and sometimes shaped like an envelope.

3. Wristlet

Photo source: uk.accesorize.com

This bag is small, shaped like a clutch but what makes it different from a clutch is the presence of an externally attached strap. It is usually worn around the wrist.

4. Minaudiere

Photo source: polyvore

This is more of an evening bag. It has a hard case and is often covered in beads, semi-precious stones or crystals.

5. Satchel

Photo source: aliexpress.com

A bag with a top handle and a detachable strap worn diagonally so it crosses the wearer’s body while hanging on the opposite hip. It has a flat bottom and is non slouchy. It remains in shape wether it being worn or set down.
6. Backpack

Photo source: justtrendygirls.com

A bag with two shoulder straps usually worn on the wearer’s back.

7. Hobo

Photo source: purseblog.com

It is usually slouchy because of the soft, flexible material it is made of. It has a single strap that worn over the shoulders.

8. Duffle

This is your everyday travel bag. It is usually large and mainly for travel.


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