Style Focus Special: An interview with stylish Nollywood twins “Tracy and Treasure Daniels”

The beautiful Nigerian born twins, “Treasure and Tracy Daniels” popularly known for their acting skills are a fashionable duo. Having a fashionable twin is not something that happens everyday, you know? From personal observation with a lot of twins, it is usually a 50 -50 thing. One may be really keen on fashion while the other isn’t. 

So, seeing fashion forward twins is always a delight. Although, a quick look at their Instagram handles show their youthful and feminine style, Treasure Daniels was kind enough to give more insight on their personal style, three things always in her bag, a celebrity’s wardrobe she would love to raid and bits of dress fighting between her and her twin sister lol. 

Here are excerpts from the interview.

How do you describe your personal style?

I am a very simple person and that reflects in my style. So, I would say it is “simplicity with a bit of class”.

Where do you get your fashion inspiration?

I get fashion inspiration from the woman I want to be in the future. I keep seeing this lady and I’m like wow, who is this woman? That’s me, the answer is Treasure Daniels. I can’t wait to be that woman and she is my fashion inspiration.

Where do you love to shop?
I don’t want to mention names or give credit but I would say, generally anywhere I find what I like. So, if I should make a list, it would be over a hundred places.

What do you look out for when shopping? Do you just go with trends?

No, I don’t go with trends. When I shop, I go for anything that accentuates the woman I am destined to be. That great woman I see in me. I don’t go after trends, I shop after that woman, what will suit her. I package myself to be the woman I see in future.

When it comes to accessories, there are certain accessories some people can never leave their house without. It may be wristwatches,earrings or sunglasses. So tell me, what is that one accessory you cannot leave your house without. The one that if you mistakenly forgot, you could drive back home to get?

I am not really big on accessories. If you look through my photos, you would notice I barely wear so much accessories. I get skin reactions easily from jewelries except they are made out of pure gold or diamond. For that reason, I do not go much on accessories because I do not know which one I may react to.

However, one I cannot leave my house without is my tiny stud earring. I once had to cancel a flight to return to my hotel room where I forgot my stud earrings. It was expensive and really precious to me.

Mention one outfit you hate so much and can never be caught dead in?

This off-shoulder dress everyone is wearing these days, it is just so common. I don’t want to be part of it. I don’t even want it in my wardrobe, talk more of wear it. I don’t like it and I won’t be caught dead in it.

What three things do you always have in your bag?

Chewing gum, sunshades and bible. Bible and gum may not be fashion accesories but I just have to be honest. Those are the things you would always see in my bag. People always come to me to get chewing gum. Then, sunshades are as a result of the African weather which is always hot. You wouldn’t want to step out without wearing any.

If you could steal a certain celebrity’s wardrobe for a week, whose would it be?

I would say Ebube Nwagbo. But she is lucky as most of her shoes and clothes sizes are bigger than mine. But, I would still love to raid her wardrobe. Atleast, I can manage some of them.

What style advice would you give to your fans and people who look up to you for fashion inspiration?

Be simple. Simplicity never goes out of style. Also, be YOU. You don’t have to be like everyone else. Find out what makes you unique, that thing which accentuates the natural beauty God created. Everybody is different, no two people are the same.

So, when styling yourself, picking up hair, clothes,accessories, pick what would bring out the unique you and nobody would be able to beat you at that. 

Your instagram posts show that you and tracy love wearing similar outfit. Is that just an outing thing or you really have the same sense of style?

Tracy and I are different people. Our resemblance is physical but our sense of style is opposite of each other. Most times, when we step out for special events, the organizers require we get styled similarly. That is barely ceremonial and not a typical representation of our individual sense of style.

Personally, I love to be subtle, I like what I can wear over and over again without being spotted out easily but that’s not Tracy. Tracy loves to make statements when going out. 

So tell me a secret, since you guys are twins, has there ever been a time in your childhood where you fought over a particular dress? If yes? What happened? 

Not just our childhood, even now (laughs), we still fight over dresses. We may go into a shop to find out there’s only a piece of a particular dress or a dress with two colours like blue and black and we both want blue (giggles). So, you can imagine how that goes.

We would drag over it or throw a cast. Whoever it falls on, gets the black dress. That’s the interesting part of twins. Especially when we prefer a limited thing at the same time. Sure, we fight over things sisters fight over but it is still something of interest.

But, it can never be like when an outsider comes. If an outsider comes for any of us, we both go after that person.

On a normal day, away from the cameras and the limelight, between Tracy and Treasure, who is the better dresser? 

Hmm, I would leave that for you guys to decide.  Apart from our team where we come under one umbrella, you can go through our individual social media platforms to see what our individual styles are like then you can decide. So, I am pushing that question back to you. 

Wow! there you have it guys, it was indeed an interesting interview session. Now, it’s up to you guys to decide which of the twins is the better dresser. Simply follow them on their individual Instagram handles @tracydanielz and @treasuredanielz to be able to go through their individual pictures and come up with an answer.

Do let me know your thoughts on their awesome style in the comment section below.  You can also follow them on Twitter @twindivasonline.

Photo credit: Instagram.


6 thoughts on “Style Focus Special: An interview with stylish Nollywood twins “Tracy and Treasure Daniels”

  1. christiana says:

    wow , nice interview. i remember these girls from way back. they can look for trouble in movies. haha. they are very identical I dont think I can even differentiate them. lol.


  2. Chidinma says:

    omg! where are these girls now? hmm the Nollywood industry has changed greatly. I miss old Nollywood movies. I am still trying to remember the title of one of their movie I really loved. The one where they were Karma to Sandra achums. lol. Sandra achums was their mother. they dealt with her same way Sandra did her mom when she was young.

    by the way, where is Sandra Achums??

    Liked by 1 person

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