Who wore it better: The ankara print pinafore

Hi guys, I hope your week was as awesome as mine. So, I knew I had to do a Who wore It Better (W.W.I.B) post after running into pictures of Make-up Artiste, Rosemary Oghoeruke and Celebrity Stylist, Empress Jamilla on Facebook and Instagram rocking an ankara print pinafore.

You must be thinking, umm, pinafore??? Lol. Well, I know………….., talk about boarding school vibes, hehe. This is way better though, I mean, with ankara print fabric, you know how the possibility of churning out something creative and fun is endless. In my opinion, this ankara print pinafore looks all sorts of amazing coupled with the way it was styled by these fashionistas. You think I’m exaggerating? Take a look!


Rosemary Oghoeruke. Photo source: Facebook


Empress Jamila. Photo source: Instagram @empress_jamila

Benedicta Gafah. Photo source: Instagram @house_of_asa

Louisa. Photo source: http://www.lapassionvoutee.com


I may not be a fortune teller but I can bet my big nose, once this post is published, I forsee something coming. Wait…………….. OMG, what’s that smell?  *sniff *sniff.  The ankara print pinafore trend is that you coming? Honey is that you? LMAO. Anyways, back to the reason for this post.

From the pictures above, who do you think wore the ankara print pinafore better? Please, let me know your thoughts in the comment section below, I love to read them more than anything else. Cheers!


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