2016 was the year of pom poms

Who would have thought something as off as an American High School cheerleading pom pom would be this big in today’s fashion scene?

Photo via: pinterest

But, hey! If you are still wondering, we aren’t walking around holding pom poms in our hands like actual cheerleaders though. Instead, they are being incorporated into daily fashion items. From bags to shoes, sandals, hats and key chains (YES! key chains too), pom pom fashion led the way in women fashion, of course. 

P.S. Men probably only had them in key chains lol

If you agree with me, in real life and social media, pom pom inspired fashion ruled 2016.

Photos via: Pinterest and Facebook/Gabriella Uzoma

Photos via: Instagram/dollymama_ /pearsgiftshop

Photo via: Instagram/yvonnenelsongh

Photos via: Instagram / brownandbrownjewellry / minsuthekimcarr

Photo via: Instagram /branspearlyberry

Did you join the 2016 pom pom fashion trend in any way? where you a bench warmer to the trend? OR are you planning on being a part of the trend? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.x


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