This is why you should own a white T-shirt

WARNING GRAPHIC: You may be pushed to wear a white T-shirt everyday of your life after reading this article. Please, make sure you buy more than one because excess usage will make it fade, lol.

You’ve probably read a thousand times on the importance of having the number one wardrobe staple “a white T-shirt”. Hence, talking about awesome ways a white T-shirt can be styled may easily seem like a cliche. But, no worries!! You won’t regret going through this article.

This article will show you why white T-shirts are an absolute must-have. Wether you are a self acclaimed fashionista, true fashionista, nerd, geek, auntie, uncle or wanna-be, a great white T-shirt could go a long way in making you stand out if you pair it right. You should own one because its styling options are endless.

Here are some fashion inspiration on how to style a white Tee shirt.

1. With Denim Shorts

Images via: Instagram @yvonnenelsongh @kyliejenner /

2. With your favourite jacket

Images via: Instagram @efetommyoflife @ronkeraji @shirleybeniang @fashionclimaxx2

3. With ankara

Images via: Instagram@empressjamila @styles9ja/

4. With skirts

Images via: Instagram @poshesteb / / /pinterest

5. With regular denim trousers

Images via: Instagram@doctoridia /

What is your go-to way in styling a basic white T-shirt? If you are Nigerian and still have your NYSC white t-shirt sitting pretty in your wardrobe, get them out right now and make magic happen!! 😎


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