Nyane Lebajoa and the fishnet trend

If there was an election for a fishnet trend ambassador, South African Style Blogger and Model, Nyane Lebajoa would pull an Efe BBnaija on other contestants by winning with a large margin lol.I know that as a style blogger, it is normal to go with trends sometimes but a closer look at Nyane’s Instagram handle shows an obvious fondness for this 2016 trend as she tends to include a bit of it in most of her posts.

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If you follow up on fashion trends, you’d realize that this trend is a sort of big deal right now. A lot of fashion influencers have jumped on this trend as expected. When the fishnet wave started in 2016, I was supposed to bring it to the Love Or Loathe column on the blog to know your thoughts as usual but completely forgot. Well, if you ask me…..

Do I love this trend?

 Yes, I do, It looks really cool

 Can I wear it? 

Definitely not, I live in Nigeria and do not want unnecessary stares from onlookers or anyone walking up to me to ask why I’m wearing mosquito net LMAO. You know how petty and nosey some Nigerians are.

Anyway, take a look at the times Nyane Lebajoa killed the fishnet trend…

Images via: Instagram.com/nyanelebajoa


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