What’s the fuss about bell sleeves?

Clearly, in 2017 fashion, bell sleeves are winning. It seems, the bigger, the boxier, the better. 


Image: Instagram/Ironyofashi


Everywhere I look, big, monstrous sleeves be up in my face and I looveee it. It’s funny how fashion works because a look at some years back I don’t think anyone would want to be caught wearing a dress or blouse with exaggerated bell sleeves haha. 

Almost everyone is rocking this trend and some Nigerian tailors are having a field day with it. Here is what someone requested and what she got in return LMAOOO.


Image: twitter.com


What’s delightful about this trend is that it’s sexy, head-turning and good for any age. So guys, What are your thoughts on the bell sleeve trend? Are you loving it or NAH?


Image: Instagram/kamdora


Image: thefashiontag.com


Image: Twitter/thenwando


Image: Instagram/inidinmaokojie


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